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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PST

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economics on this are 2.2 to 7.2 -- points lower than they should be. and they -- then they brought in this -- this -- this red language in their presentation, saying, but, there are 3200 units that -- that got revenue. i have -- i find it very hard to believe that c.b.r.e. did not include that already in the economic analysis and i think what we're getting is spin. and i think it is the wrong time to initiate. we need to wait and get -- get rock solid advice and -- and -- rock solid legal opinion on the rent control issue. >> thank you. >> good morning. good night. my name is joe. i have a memo, a copy of the e-mail addressed to mr. swens ski and mrs. water.
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and i'm not sure howe accurate it is but essential i -- how accurate it is but the hearing occurred on november 4th, 2010. december 9th2010 and one will occur on december 16 at the december 16th hearing, at the apartment will request that the commission initiate amendments that the planning code and zoning map and general plan for action on or after february 3rd2011. can you please ask -- mr. swens ski and mrs. watty if that's correct. thank you. good evening. park merced shopping center. i don't know if -- if it is the right time to initiate or not, you know, it is hate at night. but the main thing we got to get it right for everybody involved.
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we got we just got to get it right. it is a big project. you know. just take everything in to consideration, the developers. the renters. the park merced commercial shopping center. tenant that is are there. just make sure that -- that everybody -- you know is -- you think of everybody's concerns. >> thank you. >> additional public comment on this item? not public comment is closed. john, do you have -- >> just want to clarify -- the -- the commission had previously had this item on their calendar and -- last month in december and i think even before that and continued this action several times. initiation is an action that the commission takes to direct staff to prepare documents that can happen -- no earlier than three weeks after their initiation. so, that is why the february 3rd day is what has come up today as the earliest possible date.
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the commission decided that the date is not possible, they could take initiation today, anytime after. it just -- what is happening today is just initiation of that. i looked at the website, it -- it says that they would take action on that day. i went out and i want to be clear about this. because we had to prepare -- for the possibility that the commission would initiate today, for february 3rd, there were newspaper ads play -- saying it would be on the 3rd. on the 3rd, the com pigs would take a continuance action to continue to a later date. it is -- i want to make sure everybody understands, that you're clear, you will see newspaper ads that say it'll happen on the third but it'll not. the commission will have to continue it on that day. to a later date. we don't know what that date is. just to be clear, the initiation action says that we could prepare documents for you to take action on the project no sooner than three weeks later.
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which is february 3rd from today. km mission wish to comment or take a break. >> i think we should -- find agreement here. i like to suggest that given the many outstanding questions which have been here this the room, including my own that we continue until february 3rd and then -- then continue from there. that's the way in the paper. i'm not prepared to officiate tonight. i do believe that -- there is a sequence of steps and -- and i am not ready for this to be step one. >> sugaya. >> i move to continue. >> second. any specific date? >> 10th. >> on the motion, >> second. >> on the motion to continue to
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february 10th, commissioner antonini. >> no. >> bored no. fong no. moore aye commissioner sugaya? aye. commissioner olague. aye. commissioner president miguel no. that motion fails 4-3 . >> commissioner an neney. >> move to initiate which would be request for planning code amendments and planning code map amendments and text amendments and requests for general plan amendments. >> second. >> second. >> i want to point out to everybody that the rubber doesn't meet the road until we hit initiation. we could go down this for a long time having hearings, i understand that but actually -- but initiation actually makes the rubber meet the road and things to happen. it is actually advantageous for you all -- is to make things happen. so i mean think what you want.
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honestly we could have hearings for the next two years. >> commission sugaya. >> commissioner sugaya. commissioner sugaya. >> i just like to say that initiation is -- is kind of symbolic. >> we're leaving. goo night. >> would you call the vote. >> on the motion to initiate. commissioner antonini fp aye borden aye. fong aye moore no. sugaya no al laggy no. president miguel yes. so moved commissioners, that motion passes 4-3. all general. commissioners, you're now in public comment. and the public may have public comment except on agenda items.
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>> none appearing public comment closed. >> i like to be on the hist on the rent controlled hearing. >> yes. sure. >> so staff has my. >> i want to ask -- i ask my supervisor to be maybe schedule a bigger room actually.
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good morning. welcome to the regular mee
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>> thank you. i believe we have been good one from the apartment of public health. >> good morning. i am the administrator of hiv health services. please to announce a chevy health services was announced through a competitive grant process. this is for a three-year period for a total of $3.4 million through the california hiv aids research program
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to design, implement, and test at least two models of care, designed to treat people 50 years of age and over living with hiv in the context of the h.i.v.-specific patient-centered medical care home model. this is an exciting opportunity to study new models of care and offer best practices, guidelines for treating hiv and aging throughout the state of california. of the projected 1 million people in the u.s. living with hiv and aids, which continues to grow, it is estimated by the year 2015, half will be the age 50 and over. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have at this time. supervisor chu: details of the grant show that a large amount of the money provided would be for contractual services. do you also have part of a plan to pay for staff?
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>> there is a small amount of money for staff for services that will help with planning and implementation and coordinating of this three-year study. >> thank you. -- supervisor chu: thank you. any other questions? are there members of the public who wish to comment on item 1? >> good morning, supervisors. i have worked for 20 years in the department of public health. i would like to speak in support of this resolution. i think the department of public health will use the money wisely, especially under the new and hopefully long leadership of barbara garcia. dr. mitch katz did a fine job for his long stand, and i'm sure that this grant will further the work that dr. katz did to
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benefit all san franciscans. i hope he has a forceful stay in los angeles, and thank you. -- fruitful stay in los angeles. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on item 1? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to send the item forward with recommendations. item two. >> item two, resolution authorizing the san francisco recreation and park department to retroactively accept and expend a gift of $171,753 from the san francisco parks trust to support various recreation and park department operations. supervisor chu: i believe we have a representative from the recreation and park department, the director of research and development. >> good afternoon.
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i am the director of park and recreation resource development. i'm pleased to be before you regarding the resolution authorizing the san francisco recreation and park department to retroactively accept -- accept and expend the gift of $171,753 to support various operations. since 1971, the san francisco park stressed has served as a philanthropic benefactor of the recreation and parks department, supporting san francisco [applause] parks, open spaces, and recreation facilities. they managed a number of guests on the department's behalf. we are so grateful for the trust. it is with their help that we can deliver the quality of programming and clean, green, safe open spaces that make san francisco such a special place to live and visit. their efforts are critical in keeping the recreation centers
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open. in 2009, 2010, the trust contributed $171,753 to the department from these give funds to sustain a wide variety of activities in an apartment, including $82,560 to support the commemorative park bench program, 67 $460 to support activities, $1,900 to support the mystery in golden gate park, $8,690 to support the volunteer program, and $3,243 to support that may appear lastly, the recreation and park commission recommends that the san francisco board of supervisors accept and expend retroactively the skit. in sum, i would like to again acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the park trust and extend the san francisco recreation and parks department's most sincere thanks. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. why don't we open this item up
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for public comment? are there any members of the public who wish to comment on item two? >> good morning, supervisors. i have lived in san and cisco for 58 years. i would like to speak out in support of this resolution, and the reason why i'm speaking out on it is i think a lot of the money deserves to go to the mission recreation center. oscar jiminez and i've played together, and he was one of my best friends at sacred heart when i was playing for sacred heart on our championship basketball team. i think money like this needs to go to places like mclaren park and some of the other areas of the city which do not get as much money as some of the high- profile parks, so i feel bad mission rec deserves a share of this money, and that is why i'm
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speaking out on this. the work of oscar deserves to be furthered by money like this. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? >> good morning. i just wanted to fill in a little more color and context about the way it is described, but the first part of our efforts revolve around five centers, and we are sitting there virtually empty and unusable, when the general manager first came on board. he said that was a big priority for him, and we instantly went out and talk to many private donors and foundations to raise the money, and that meant that hamilton will, for example, which had no safety equipment, and a fitness equipment, no life saving equipment, could be opened on time so that the
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public could enjoy it. harvey milk recreation center had fabulous state of the art recording studios and digital photography buffs, and they were completely empty and a void of any equipment that the public could use. these are places that were formerly used for midnight music under other activities, so we went ahead and build those with equipment. we got sunnyside conservatory, a beautifully renovated victorian glass house equipped with furniture so that people could have weddings and public meetings there and actually bring some resources to the department for those rentals. that is what we did with the first phase of this project. of course, as we move ahead with the next renovations, we are getting ready to bring in the furniture fixtures and equipment for those as well. of course, as these projects
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move into your district, we would like to work with you on finding the people in the neighborhood and foundations and corporations who can step up and do that, but i also want to address what the previous speaker said. as a result of working on this project, we realize there are many small, critical needs, and their budget situation is such that they often do not have money for basketball nets. apparently, the budget for toilet paper for the entire year is almost nothing. supervisor chu: and going to ask you to continue to address the previous issue -- the issue the previous speaker had mentioned. >> at the outgrow, we instituted the gear up special fund to fill in the special needs at red centers where sometimes a very small amount of money can make a huge difference -- at rec centers. we are supporting mission rec center. we made it so that a director at
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one of the various centers has a need, they can apply to us, and we can literally turn that request around in about 40 hours. i have the incredible power to give those gifts of up to $2,000, and i work with bob and the recreation and park department on making those allegations, so we continue to do that, and we are going to be delighted to support a scholarship fund in honor of oscar, which has just been announced, so we will be collaborating with them, so thank you for your support. i hope you will accept this gift, and i look forward to working with you on keeping these centers active and lively. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to comment on item two? seeing none, item is closed. we have a motion to send the adam forward with recommendations. without objection. next item please. >> item 3, a hearing to consider the issuance of a type 75 on
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sale general liquor license to anthony lavia for southern pacific brewing to serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you very much. >> good morning. san francisco police department. before us today is an application for an on-sale brew pub. we do not see a lot of these, but they are becoming quite popular with the technology of brewing beer -- the cost coming down so much that the initial acquisition cost is not what it once was, so i think we will see more of these in the future where restaurants are going to start as another attractor, bringing in the component where they are growing in their own beer on site. this is an existing restaurant. they are currently licensed, but they are adding this brew component to it. i would point out that the license does require food service, and those under 21
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years of age are allowed on the premises. i would point out there are no letters of protest that we have been made aware of, and we are recommending this application for approval with the following conditions -- one, sales, service, and consumption shall be permitted only between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. and that would be daily. the premise shall be maintained as a bonafide food restaurant and shall provide a menu containing an assortment of foods normally offered at such restaurants. the petitioner acknowledges receipt and understanding and shall comply with the business and professions code. next condition -- the monthly gross sales of alcoholic beverages shall not exceed the gross sales of food during the same time. the licensee at all times shall maintain records which maintain -- reflect separately the sale of food and beverages of the lessons business. that record shall they kept no less frequently than on a quarterly basis and shall be made available to the department
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of on demand. next, full and complete meals must reserve whenever the privileges of the license are being exercised. spirit of these last couple of conditions is we are trying to help maintain that these restaurants stay as restaurants and do not morph into clubs, which we have all seen. the hours of -- the sale of alcoholic noise is defined as any raucous sound produced in such a manner or to such a degree as to disturb the peace, acquired, and comfort of persons in the neighborhood. shall not be under the area of the licensee. no person under the age of 21 sit shallop should furnish or sell a call abetted ridges. laundering is considered idling stanley about without lawful business. property adjacent to the adjacent seat.
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responsible for remaining letter phrase. next condition is graffiti. graffiti shall be removed from the premise and parking lots within 72 hours of an application. if the gritty occurs on a friday or weekend, it should be removed within 72 hours of the next week day. that is actively maintained and recorded. electronics event shall be in place during operating hours. an electronic record and shall be kept up to 72 hours and shall be made available to the department or police department upon demand. petition shall not make structural changes to the regulation. we are recommending this pub for approval. supervisor chu: we did receive correspondence that the applicant for 620 treat did
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request a continuance. can you comment on whether that was the case? >> was i reading the wrong one? i'm sorry. i read the entire wrong one. we have the continuance of treat. unfortunately, everything i read was the wrong address. i have been reading pineville time. supervisor chu: gesso members of the public are aware, this is item three. this is in relation to a liquor license application. we received correspondence from the applicant. is there anything else you want to add to that? >> other that it was also a brew
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pub. dialogue is similar but does not have the same language. supervisor chu: why don't we open of this item up to public comment. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? this item will be continued. hearing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. item 4. >> hearing to consider that the issuance of a type 75 on-sale general brew-pub liquor license to cuong truong for champango, llc, dba unicorn pan asian restaurant located at 191 pine street (district 3), will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. the inspector read into the record the items that would be the conditions for this approval. why don't we just open this up for public comment. this is in regard to 191 pine
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street the for license. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. inspector, is there anything that you would add? i know you are recommending this item for approval with conditions. >> yes, just a thank you for not making me read them into the record. supervisor avalos: motion to approve with conditions. supervisor chu: we have a motion to send these items for with the recommendations requested. without objection. item five. >> hearing to consider that the transfer of a type 21 off-sale general license from 697 south van ness avenue to 1118 howard street (district 6) to raymond li for gar may enterprise inc., will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. inspector? >> what is before us is an
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existing business. i would categorize them as a variety store. they have a variety of retail products. they have been in business for some time and are looking to expand their marketplace into the sale of beer, wine, and distilled spirits. there are four letters of protest from the community, one from the police department in our original review of the application. i would also point out that this is located in an area of high crime. it is currently not in an era of high concentration of licenses, but i would point out, if this was approved, it would put us at our limit. currently, we are authorized for 12 of sales in the neighborhood. we are currently at 11. if approved, we would be at the max. we do not believe this will serve the convenience or necessity of the public. we would also point out the
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close proximity to another center on howard street. this would be inconsistent with what we're trying to do with our combination efforts with the department of public health, helping people with addictive needs. if this was an on sale where there would be food components and other opportunities, but because this is an off sale, we concur with the public that this is a transition area and is not the direction the neighborhood was to be heading in. i would leave it with that. we are recommending this application for denial. supervisor chu: a few questions. it sounds like at 1118 howard
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street, it is a variety store looking to have a liquor license transference for offside and alcohol consumption? >> yes, they are an existing business. they are looking to broaden their market share. i think this is an example where this is a fine operator, not a reflection of them, but the location that they tried to bring out all into. >> in terms of the center you talked about. how close is it? >> it is on the same block, on the same side. the center is at 1175. the subject address is 1118. so it is only a block away. supervisor chu:


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